Russian Troops Withdraw From Chernobyl

Russian Troops Withdraw From Chernobyl

( – In February, on the first day of the invasion into Ukraine, Russian troops captured the defunct nuclear plant Chernobyl. The plant was the site of the worst nuclear disaster to ever happen, and it’s still radioactive nearly 40 years later. More than a month into the conflict, Russian troops are reportedly leaving the site.

On Wednesday, March 30, Newsmax reported on a US official who said Russia is repositioning its troops in Belarus. Energoatom, the Ukrainian agency responsible for the operation of the country’s nuclear plants, said the soldiers fled the site. Officials told the media that several hundred of Vladimir Putin’s troops fell ill because of “acute radiation sickness” while they were digging trenches in the Red Forest (named after the trees that turned red following the nuclear disaster) near the plant. The agency revealed that the forest is the “most polluted in the entire exclusion zone.”

There are still a small number of troops at the Chernobyl plant. Ukraine is home to 4 active nuclear power plants and 15 reactors. UN atomic watchdog chief Rafael Grossi visited another nuclear power plant on Wednesday, and he warned of the continued danger the war poses on the sites.

As concern mounts, Ukraine and Russia continue to negotiate a possible end to the conflict.

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