Russians Blame Saboteurs for Explosions at Crimean Base

Russians Blame Saboteurs for Explosions at Crimean Base

Giant Explosion – Act of Sabotage Reported!

( – Rockets hit a military base in Crimea in early August. Multiple reports indicated it was an attack by Ukrainian forces. There was another attack on August 16. Russia is now blaming saboteurs for the latest blasts.

On Tuesday, August 16, multiple blasts hit an ammunition depot on a military base in Crimea. The attack ground operations to a halt on the annexed peninsula and forced an evacuation of thousands of people from a nearby village. According to Newsmax, Russia’s defense minister blamed the explosions on “sabotage.”

Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov told The Washington Post his forces are trying to destroy the Russian military by attacking Russian bases from within. He claimed they’re activating a “resistance force” that will launch attacks on the enemy force behind their own lines. The official explained the goal is to “ruin [Russia’s] stocks, ruin their depots, to ruin their headquarters, [and] command quarters.”

The undercover force Reznikov mentioned was allegedly committed in January after a law the country passed in 2021. Still, he didn’t admit to the attacks in Crimea. He claimed the Ukrainian military doesn’t have weapons capable of launching missiles into the annexed area.

Do you believe Ukraine might be responsible for the attacks in Crimea?

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