Sanders and Biden Differ on Foreign Policy

Sanders and Biden Differ on Foreign Policy

While it’s expected that Republicans and Democrats will have differing views on foreign policy, it’s a little surprising to see a marked discrepancy of views within a single party. This concept is best encapsulated when comparing the views of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) to that of Joe Biden in regards to the recent situation in Iran.

Biden has a wealth of experience with foreign policy during his time with the Obama administration. Citing Barack Obama’s policies surrounding Iraq and the Middle East in its entirety, Biden believes that he’s the best-suited presidential candidate to become the next commander-in-chief. His detailed understanding of America’s recent military policies could make him the most capable DNC candidate to deal with Iran if elected.

On the other hand, Sanders believes we should avoid war altogether if at all possible. Sanders also voted against the war in Iraq, which has garnered the support of many voters. In his own words:

“Maybe what we should be doing is figuring out how as a planet we work together instead of going to war with each other.”

These two opposing viewpoints on foreign policy are sure to clash all throughout 2020 leading up to the election.

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