Sanders’ Shocking Town Hall Attack

Sanders' Shocking Town Hall Attack

( – Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) recently went on the offensive in a town hall hosted by Fox News in Detroit, Michigan. The hosts, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, asked the self-avowed Democratic Socialist some tough questions. Bernie managed to convince the audience that his ideas aren’t as radical as his opponents say and won over the crowd. Currently, Michigan favors Democrat voters, which could explain Bernie’s more positive reception.

The shocking part was Bernie went on the offensive almost immediately when he stated his front-runner competitor, Joe Biden, is a friend to “crooks.” Some believe that was, in part, a reference to link Biden’s reputation with the likes of Hillary Clinton, a former contender known for her email scandal and the ongoing “death list” that seems to follow her every shady move. The senator also accused the former vice president of contributing to the bailout of “crooks” on Wall Street who played a key role in the financial crisis of 2008.

Although the crowd wasn’t totally against Sanders, the hosts did not let up. They continued to hammer him with questions about the details of his platform. Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign has refused all of Fox’s invitations to hold a similar town hall.

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