Sarah Sanders SLAMS Biden in GOP SOTU Rebuttal

Sarah Sanders SLAMS Biden in GOP SOTU Rebuttal
  • Sarah Sanders served in the Trump administration from July 2017 to July 2019. 
  • As the daughter of a former GOP governor, she knows the ins and outs of politics.
  • In 2022, Sanders won the gubernatorial election in Arkansas.
  • In her SOTU rebuttal, the new governor ripped President Joe Biden apart.

( – Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) was former President Donald Trump’s longest-serving press secretary. For nearly two years, she sparred with reporters daily as they picked apart the 45th president’s administration. As the daughter of a popular Republican, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, she is an expert at handling the press.

The governor is also adept at dealing with Democrats, in general. She proved that this week when she gave the GOP rebuttal after President Joe Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) Address.

Sanders’ Response

The governor slammed Biden right out of the gate, telling the American people that as a mother of three kids, she has learned that you can’t believe everything you hear. That’s why she didn’t believe much of what the president said during his SOTU Address. Sanders pointed to inflation, the border, and an ongoing threat from China as proof “Democrats have failed you.”

The rising Republican star said the GOP was reaffirming its commitment that the government exists to serve the people, not to rule it. She called the US the “greatest country the world has ever known” and said the American people “are strong and resilient.” Sanders pointed out the differences between her and Biden. She said she is young, while he is old. She believes in freedom, but he wants big government. The governor claimed she is leading her state while he has “surrender[ed] his presidency to a woke mob.”

The new governor flaunted her accomplishments a month into her term. She said she has banned critical race theory from schools, and prohibited racism and indoctrination. Sanders talked about the opioid crisis and how she believes the issues at the border are making it worse. She criticized his foreign policy positions and the “left-wing culture war” that Republicans didn’t start.

The former press secretary finished her speech by letting the American people know that a “new generation of Republican leaders is stepping up” and they are going to be “changemakers.” Sanders also said the country was in God’s hands, and she believes that with Him as her witness, the GOP will prove the US is still a place where liberty and freedom won’t die.

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