SC Rep. Nancy Mace Easily Wins Her Primary, Despite Kevin McCarthy’s Best Efforts

( – Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) was one of the eight Republicans who voted to kick Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) out of the speaker’s office last fall. After McCarthy left office, he reportedly set out to punish the members of his party who turned against him. Just like he failed to keep his seat, he failed to exact revenge on Mace.

On June 11, Mace sailed to victory in the primary election. The congresswoman picked up support in counties she lost in 2022. Former President Donald Trump supported her this time around, and it appears to have paid off.

According to reports, McCarthy and his allies poured millions into the race in an attempt to oust Mace. They supported the former labor director under ex-Governor Nikki Haley, Catherine Templeton. Rep. John Duarte (R-CA), an ally of McCarthy, told POLITICO that he didn’t support the congresswoman’s reelection because of the antics last year that led to the speaker’s ouster. He whined that Republicans won the majority so that they could “stop socialism,” but the “barrel of monkeys nonsense” made it difficult to govern and rendered them less effective.

Although McCarthy tried to throw his weight behind Templeton, the candidate knew that he would not likely have an influence. In the leadup to the race, Templeton said, “Nobody’s paying attention to Kevin McCarthy in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.” It turns out, her prediction was spot on. Voters had little interest in casting their ballots for a candidate who was supported by a Republican in California.

Mace led Templeton 57% to 30%. Another Republican, Bill Young, brought home about 13%. After a recent ruling by the Supreme Court over the state’s voting map, Mace’s seat will almost certainly be safe in the general election. It’s very unlikely Democrats will be able to flip the Republican seat.

Trump congratulated the Republican congresswoman on her win after the results were counted.

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