Scandalous Hunter Biden Video Leaked

Scandalous Hunter Biden Video Leaked

Hunter Biden Scandal ERUPTS – Photos Released

( – In the wake of the Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York, mass shootings that killed a combined 31 people, President Joe Biden announced he wanted to ban so-called assault weapons. He also said he thinks safe storage laws are important and believes firearms owners should be held liable if something happens with their weapons. Meanwhile, Biden’s own son is under fire for how he handled and obtained a weapon.

On June 6, Radar Online published an exclusive report about Hunter Biden. The website had obtained a video of the president’s son playing a sexual role play game with an alleged prostitute in 2018. The website published two photos from the video. In both pictures, Hunter Biden has no clothes on, and he’s handling a gun with his finger on the trigger. He reportedly pointed the gun at the camera recklessly.

In a third image, there appear to be condoms, crack cocaine, and drug paraphernalia, the website reported.

The controversy surrounding Hunter Biden and the gun isn’t new. In 2021, reports indicated the president’s son lied on a background check application when he obtained the weapon by not disclosing his drug addiction. The younger Biden has repeatedly talked about his struggle with drugs. Also, it’s not clear whether the weapon in the photos and video is the same that he allegedly threw into a trash can outside of a supermarket in Wilmington, Delaware, in 2019.

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