Schiff Will Be First GOP Impeachment Witness

Schiff Will Be First GOP Impeachment Witness

In a surprise move, ranking House Judiciary Committee member Doug Collins (R-GA) has announced the Republican Party’s main witness in the next stage of the impeachment hearings. It will be none other than the man who’s done the most to drive the process this far. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is about to get his turn in the spotlight — if he agrees.

Collins says that if Schiff doesn’t make himself available for questioning “it will reflect poorly on his credibility and the work he has done so far.”

Schiff has already faced criticism after it emerged that the CIA whistleblower, who claims President Trump suggested a quid pro quo with Ukraine, had contacted Schiff’s office before making his complaint. Now, Collins wants to put Schiff’s whole handling of the impeachment process on trial.

As well as warning Schiff to be ready for questions, Collins criticized other aspects of the process. For example, he says the Judiciary Committee hasn’t given the president enough time to prepare for the next stage. Collins also claims that the constitutional law experts who will judge the validity of the case are biased with three out of four of them being called by the Democrats.

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