School Cancels Presidential Debate

School Cancels Presidential Debate

( – COVID-19 is impacting everything from employment to airline travel. This week, it also affected the 2020 presidential race.

There are currently three debates scheduled between President Donald Trump and his presumed opponent, Democrat Joe Biden. One of those head-to-heads was going to take place at the University of Michigan. Those plans changed this week when the school decided to cancel the event.

The Commission on Presidential Debates wasted no time in finding a new location, so now it’s set to be held in Miami. The other two events will take place in Indiana and Tennessee during the fall. President Trump would like to have more debates, but so far, Biden has not agreed to this request.

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  1. The State or Whitlessmer what did you expect. No bailout for that group of lefts. Wallow in your selfdebt!!!

  2. Does this surprise anyone? The last thing the left-wing liberals want is a debate. With Michigan’s over reaching governor I’m surprised living hasn’t been cancelled. Wake up America this is your first what you are experiencing is socialism.

  3. Biden needs to step up and except these debates. He’s very scared of what he will say because he makes no sense at all. All you democraps should realize he’s got dementia. If he gets in, I’m sure he will be examined by a doctor who will find him incompetent to hold the job of President. SO WISE UP DEMOCRAPS!!!

    • That’s why the Dems are real concerned over who will be asked to step in as Vice President.

  4. Biden WON’T agree to more DEBATES . . . Or, maybe he FORGOT the QUESTION. Either way, he’ll lose ANYWAY. One Humored Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. No good Democrat wants to see President Trump debate this mentally impaired crook. The longer they can stall the better it is for the crook a.k.a. Joe Biden.

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