School District Fires Educator Over Previous Conviction

( – Several school districts have fired educators in recent months because of their activity on websites like Only Fans. That’s where users post racy photos or videos of themselves for money. A Texas teacher has now lost her job after she was exposed as a prostitute.

Ashley Ketcherside, 38, worked for the Godley Independent School District’s School Health Advisory Council. The council is responsible for crafting the school sexual education policy, including “appropriate grade levels and curriculum for instruction regarding […] sex trafficking.” She also leads a local cheerleading group and was a member of the Godley Athletic Booster Club, Parent Teacher Organization, and the Family and Community Engagement Committee. Superintendent Rich Dear chose her Long Range Facility Planning Committee. And on the side, she was reportedly an escort.

According to Fox4 News, Mary Lowe, who runs the nonprofit Families Engaged for Effective Education, said parents became suspicious of Ketcherside when she told them she owned multiple businesses. The parents decided to investigate her, and found out she had two convictions for prostitution under her maiden name, Ashley Villalobos, in 2012 and 2016. Also in 2016, a judge reportedly signed an order stating that specific kids weren’t allowed to visit her residence because she was a “known prostitute.”

Reports indicate Ketcherside is also actively advertising herself as an escort online as “Lola Brea.” One of the parents said they googled the woman’s email address and it came up as being listed on an escort site, which is legal in Texas.

The discovery raised questions about how well the school district is running background checks. Godley ISD released a statement saying Ketcherside was required to undergo one.

Lowe said the charges likely didn’t show up because they are misdemeanors. She said the state should look into how it screens people who are participating in schools. Ketcherside has not commented on the reports. She has been terminated from her job.

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