School Policy Supports Allowing Teachers to Hide Convos With Students From Parents

School Policy Supports Allowing Teachers to Hide Convos with Students from Parents

New School Policy HIDES Teacher/Student Interactions from Parents – DISGUSTING!

( – A Missouri parents’ rights advocate has uncovered a bizarre policy that covers most of the state’s districts. Parents want to know how their kids are doing at school. It turns out that Missouri teachers don’t have to tell them.

On May 20, Andy Wells, the Missouri president of the pressure group No Left Turn in Education, told journalists that at least 68 school districts in the state have copied, word for word, a policy suggested by the Missouri School Board Association (MSBA). It’s a policy that blows a hole through parents’ rights to know how their children are doing. The rule says that school districts “will not honor requests by parents [or] guardians to be informed prior to” discussions between kids and their teachers or school officials — including conversations about personal issues.

Wells, who has three children at school in a district that’s adopted this policy, doesn’t believe it’s legal. He says the law the MSBA cites as a reference doesn’t justify the policy, and in fact, contradicts it — the law says parents should have full access to their children’s school records. Wells thinks it’s more likely the policy is connected to scandals in public schools. He says the MSBA introduced it around the same time the media picked up on parent protests in Loudoun County, VA — when, he said, “schools were scrambling on how do we not let parents know what’s going on.”

The MSBA insists that nothing in the policy lets schools keep information from the parents regarding their children — but that’s not what the policy’s actual wording says. Missouri parents are likely to have some serious questions for school districts.

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