Schumer Defends Delay

Schumer Defends Delay

( – Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is trumpeting a “victory” with a good dose of circular logic. He claims that by blocking legislation that would help small businesses in need, Dems did companies a favor because their demands are going into the new bill. The old “I’m hurting you, so I can help you,” logic hard at work.

Republicans already had a proposal with $250 million written up.

Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are playing a dangerous game of chicken with the lives of the people they purport to represent. They have done an end-run around Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) by negotiating directly with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The theory is they believe an endorsement by President Trump would back GOP lawmakers into a corner.

However, people on both sides of the aisle are desperate to show the voters back home they’re doing something for them, which will likely mean even more delays as the haggling begins. The House is out until May and the Senate is holding pro forma sessions. That means all it takes is one angry senator to hold a bill up.

Nero fiddled while Rome burnt, and the Democrats are blithely repeating history in America. This country is going to be fundamentally changed when this is all said and done, and delays in relieving the stress are going to make the “new normal” drift farther away from what it was. But then, maybe that’s their plan.

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  1. We need to build a gallow on the white house lawn and start using it on these ass holes including Pelosi, Schiff, Aoc, and the rest of the dumbocrats. All they worry about is themselves and how much they can take from the taxpayers. There going to start a war and then they will find out how many gun owners there are in this country. I have friends in the military and there going to be surprised how many are not on there side. Who is going to help them then

  2. TRUMP needs to be eradicated. He doesn’t care about small businesses. He is ruining the USA. Wake up people! TRUMP is rich. He wants to keep the country poor so he can have all the power. If you vote Reuplican in November you will regret it. I do agree on term limits. Some of those Congressmen and Sentaors have been in Washington for too long. We need new blood and new ideas going forward. Same for the justices of the Supreme Court. Serving 2 terms just like the Presiden does is enough. Vote Biden for 2020!

    • You are a blithering idiot if you vote for sleepy hoe, he dobt even know what day it is and he cant make a complete sentence just like the ole hag pelosi.our country could be over run by antartica if he gets elected

    • Micheall Young, KMA! Do something useful with your time like working instead of collecting government benefits. VOTE FOR BIDEN 2020!

  3. That’s what I said . Find the two little boxes at the top of the page . Check the one that says vote straight republican . Your done and the democrats are done . Pass this on and spread the word to do this . And get rid of the democrats ! Linda johnson .

  4. That is what their plan has been all along. Odumbass wanted to “Fundamentally” change America for the worse and Trump and all the Americans that voted for him agree that the democratic agenda will, if allowed, will destroy America and turn it into another third world Sh~t hole. And that is exactly what Democrats want as does Bill Gates and George Soros and most of the European block. They hate capitalism because they know that with capitalism, if someone is willing to work, they can get whatever they want. Democrats can’t stand the thought of that because they want people to believe they can depend on the government for everything they need without lifting a finger because the ones stupid enough to bust their asses will support all the LAZY ASSES!!!

    • YOU ARE CORRECT ON THAT! If they hate Capitalism they should give all their money to the people, and keep nothing! Then they can be part of the socialist community, and they can get in line with everyone else to get a loaf of bread or a pound of meat! They should sell all their properties and share the money made from the sales with everyone!

  5. Chuck,Nancy an Schindler are all POS, am working against American people. Get rid of them all, they are not for our country.🐀🐀🐀!!!

  6. o.k. folks, since you are all sooo smart how many of you have the ability to study the Constitution of the United States? Take a look and you will find that Term Limits were set when the Constitution was originally drawn up. What happened that there is now total disregard for whats written in the Constitution? We need to set Term Limits. So, folks, lets get off our asses and CLEAN HOUSE OF ALL CURRENT MEMBERS THAT HAVE BEEN IN FOR OVER 10 YRS OR MORE. There’s good book that came out about 20 yrs ago, title “We have the Best Politicians That MONEY CAN BUY”. That STILL APPLIES TODAY!!!! We need STRONG GRASS MOVEMENTS to begin to change a CORRUPT FAILING SYSTEM, that we have come to accept AS O.K..

  7. so what is new , the DEMS. are at it again . they want to destroy our economy so they can take over and change to a global system . your right we fail the world will fail , except China of course . China will be Nancy and Chuck’s little baby BUT China has no reason to not tell those two to get lost and take it all over .Right November we must vote them out and stick their heads where the sun don’t shine . it would be a shame if the 2nd amendment people came together and stopped them . that would be like a civil war again

  8. The democrats are Globalist. In order to have one world government you have to destroy our economy. That is what is happening. It is more than just bringing down Trump. They accelerate their agenda by putting their person in power and eliminate the Trump road block.

  9. The democrats are going all in on destroying the economy complete to try to take down Trump. Let’s make them pay dearly in November.

    • Keep our eyes Open on those illegal voters without ID, lets somehow vote against mail voting, let’s make sure dead people are not coming to life to vote! People if we want to be sure voting is done the right way, let’s hope there will be good and even participation of people working at voting places!!!!!!

  10. Typical action from the Dragass, Bust and Grab, Socialist/Liberal/Demwits to drag their asses while small business suffer and many go out of business. When the dust settles, they will claim to be the ones who rescued small business while that dastardly Trump did nothing!

  11. The Democrats are going to destroy the USA, no matter what the Republicans do is not good enough for them they are a rotten bunch of traitors that need to be voted out of office and sent to JAIL FOR EVER

  12. Chuck, Ice cream Nancy, Shifty Shiff and their buddies are traitors and need to be removed from office. If their pay and perks were stopped we would had action before the funds ran out. My micro business is just barely hanging on and they sit on their A$$

  13. They hate the Rep party which Iam they give evrty way to the new IMG they just like to grand stand

    • Your so right! Trump really is a Shithead. Republican bills give everything to big business. When will Republicans realize Trickle Down doesn’t work unless your the millionaire that the rest of us are making money for with all our hard work.

    • This should have been passed the day after old one ran out. They don’t give a crap about us. There should be a way for us to stop their pay.

  14. Remember this BS in November and vote republican!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍

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