SCOTUS Won’t Hear Immigration Case

SCOTUS Won't Hear Immigration Case

( – The Supreme Court was busy on Monday, June 15. The justices issued a number of decisions including one related to a request by President Donald Trump’s administration to hear a case about sanctuary cities. Not everyone is very happy with what they decided, though.

The Supreme Court denied a motion by the Trump administration to hear arguments in United States v. California. The case has to do with whether or not the Golden State’s sanctuary city laws are legal. Now that the court has refused to take the case on, a ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the law will stay in place.

Although Liberals are celebrating this as a win, it’s important to note that no precedent was set. That means the administration can continue challenging sanctuary laws. There are many factors that go into the decision about whether or not the highest court is going to take on a case; this one, in particular, could simply not have been deemed strong enough for the SCOTUS to hear. It might be a setback, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end for this issue.

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  1. Looks like the 9th Circuit Court is taking over the legislation for this country as well as the Supreme Court.

  2. The several states that host and support sanctuary cities are one in the same who are begging Congress for bailouts. I don’t think anyone wants or is willing to pay for illegals to live in America, work in America and send wages elsewhere and doesn’t have an interest in becoming American or taken any steps to become Americans. The SCOTUS hasn’t taken this case up either because they are all yellow bellied cowards or because they are giving this Administration the complete authority to withhold funding to those states, which in itself is a ruling by them. Either way you look at it while the Liberals consider this a win, they essentially haven’t won anything.

    • I wonder how many illegals from south of our borders report the properties they own in their country, and the income from apartment houses, farms, business and commercial properties, etc, on their yearly U.S income tax forms.
      Perhaps that is how we should attend to the matter of their being in America illegally.
      A few years back people who has real estate in Israel and EU had to declare these properties, bank accounts, and more on their tax forms.
      Was this solely for these citizens, or did it apply to all residing in the United States.?Every
      non citizen and citizen should be held to the same standards!
      Think of all the property that can be purchased with the billions sent out of the country from the gray economy every year!
      Those funds are the second largest income producing source for Mexico, next to tourism.
      Wake up folks.
      We don’t need to support Mexico with non taxable funds.
      And support their illegals here in the U.S. with medical, housing, social services and educational, and more, paid for with American taxpayers hard earned dollars.

  3. Like the fox guarding the hen house! What a disappointment. Illegals have more rights and get more assistance than American citizens.

    • Loretta, Would it not be nice if we could all get free phones like the illegals. Thank you for your comment. Bill

  4. How do we get rid of Roberts, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. What is the most alarming to me is the people who Trump consistently nominates or appoints to his Cabinet who are either Rhinos or secretly Liberal. The person or persons who are advising Trump should be called out for the Libs that they are. Trump has his agenda and he is destroying his own agenda by the people he nominates or appoints. Time for true Conservatives to take a stand and make these pretend cowards that we put on the SCOTUS accountable for their actions. After that we can start to dismantle the Deep State. Most people think the Deep state is only Liberal. It is not. There are just as many Republicans as Democrats who are a part of the Deep State.

  5. To get into SCOTUS they pretend to be big bad roosters. When in they are just another fox. Yum yum. Look who put them there. They should have to be voted in by the legal voters. See who the voters put in office before Trump. Can’t win for losing. Just have to grin and bare it. Can’t breathe with your head in the sand or in a body orifice.

  6. This nation was built on immigration. Trump’s agenda is nothing more then a racially biased decision. He declares that chain migration needs to be eliminated. How did Melania’s parents get in this country faster than any other immigrants? Chain migration with the assistance of the president!

    • Dave your missing the word Legal in immigration. It is against the law for illegal immigration. However if you want to support them with your money go right ahead. However do not think for one minute that legal Americans wish to use their money for illegals. How many illegals have you living with you so you can pay for them? Wake up and smell the coffee, before it is to late. Bill

    • I am sure Melania ‘s parents learned the language, did not depend on the American taxpayer for educational subsidies, medical, social or any other services. I am sure the President took care of his in-laws financially.
      and I don’t think they work in the gray economy and get paid under the table and send their dollars back to their home country.

  7. SCOTUS must be respected for this decision at this time but it will be back stronger and dealt with swiftly
    This destroying of our history needs immediate attention. We are headed to civil war. History forgotten is history repeated.

  8. Diane
    SCOTUS…..Since when do we allow people who don’t belong in this country to stay and try to destroy it???????????????? DO YOUR JOB OR QUIT………Laws in our country are not made to be broken by a bunch of thugs…….STAND UP for what you were chosen to do…….If we elected you we can also get rid of you………we the people get fired when we do not do the job and so will you…………TAKE CARE……GOD IS WATCHING……..

  9. It their fed funds as now kalifornicate is or has passed paying blacks who had kin as slaves big money. Without fed funds they are in the verge of bankruptcy so give and sink this is the hate America state.

  10. Why even comment. They are elite. Won’t listen to regular citizens sentiment.
    I live in California and our State is dying.

  11. This whole thing has got to STOP………………..We are the United States of America Land of the FREE and HOME of the BRAVE…………All of this protesting and hurting people and tearing down our History has got to STOP……These activists need to be sent to a country where they shoot this type of person………IF YOU DO NOT LOVE AMERICA THEN LEAVE IT……Respect for the United States needs to be an honor to live here and stop trying to destroy it………The people have got to stop these terrible people …… WE THE PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO HAVE THE GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO SHOOT ANYONE WHO IS TRYING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY…….IT IS TIME FOR US TO TAKE CHARGE AND SHIP THESE PEOPLE OUT…………..

  12. Oh give me a break. Illegals have broken the law. You have rewarded them. Take care of the American citizens. Especially your homeless.

  13. If these people refuse to do their job then they shouldn’t be paid. They may have a job for life but where in the constitution does it say we have to pay them for not doing there work. All of us need a job like that. SCOUTS is a worthless bunch of activists.

  14. I am disgusted with the SCOTUS. If they can’t support Federal immigration law then the whole country is screwed.

    • Ron, try to remember that the SCOTUS has been most always a majority of far left wing liberals. Though the court has been pretending not to be liberal biased. Now that the majority has shifted. The justices that have been appointed have taken the oath of their position to be unbiased and neutral seriously. Give the Trump administration a little more time to come up with a stronger case on the legality of sanctuary cities. You and I both know morally how wrong it is. Just help the administration by getting behind them and some positive motivation.

    • Stand behind the Trump administration! He is weeding out the liberals, and these sanctuary cities will be history! People tearing down the historic statues haven’t a clue and do not know and appreciate American history.

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