Secret Service Takes Down Woman Who Rushed Biden’s Motorcade

Secret Service Takes Down Woman Who Rushed Biden's Motorcade

Biden Motorcade THREATENED? Secret Service Rushes In!

( – On June 8, President Joe Biden attended the Summit of the Americas in downtown Los Angeles. Protesters gathered outside of the venue to let their feelings be known about a number of issues, including abortion. Secret Service had to step in and take a demonstrator down after she got riled up.

A video of the incident shows Biden’s motorcade traveling down a road when a woman starts walking toward the vehicles while shouting in a bullhorn. She was reportedly screaming for the president to codify abortion rights and to use his executive powers to do it. While she was shouting and getting closer to the vehicles, a Secret Service agent ran over to her and aggressively pushed her away.

The agent grabbed the protestor by the neck and slammed her to the ground. The woman began fighting, kicking, and hitting the agent. At one point, the video shows something that looks like a firearm coming loose from his belt and falling on the street. An officer rushes over to pick the gun up off of the ground and hands it to another agent. The woman continued assaulting the agent until he was finally able to subdue her.

The video below includes strong language that might be offensive to some viewers.

The Secret Service responded to the incident later, saying an agent quickly reacted to the woman approaching the motorcade. She was placed into police custody and removed from the road.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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