Sen. Coons Shockingly Accuses Senate of Court-Packing

Senator Coons Makes Outrageous Court-Packing Allegation

( – There’s growing concern about the Democrats’ refusal to say if they plan to pack the Supreme Court with Liberal justices if Biden wins next month. It turns out some senior Dems don’t even know what court-packing means. Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, but following some deeply misguided comments, it seems he doesn’t really understand how our judiciary works.

Discussing Judge Any Coney Barrett’s nomination with Fox News, Coons claimed that Barrett’s appointment “constitutes court-packing” on Sunday. Fellow Fox guest and Judiciary Committee member Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) quickly slapped him down, pointing out that his understanding of court-packing is completely wrong. “Claiming that court-packing is filling open vacancies that obviously isn’t what court-packing means,” Sasse said.

Coons argues that Barrett’s political views “are not just extreme, they’re disqualifying,” and that this makes her appointment court-packing. In reality, court-packing refers to attempts to increase the number of justices from its traditional nine. As a Judiciary Committee member, Coons should know that. Clearly, he doesn’t.

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