Sen. Tim Scott Defends Bill

Sen. Tim Scott Defends Bill

( – Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and his GOP colleagues unveiled the Justice Act on June 17. The bill aims to bring the black community and police together. Unfortunately, the only African-American Republican senator is now being forced to defend himself from attacks from the Left.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) gave a speech on the Senate floor and called Scott’s bill a “token” approach to police reform. The senator, a white man, didn’t seem to have any problem spouting dog whistles in the Congressional chamber.

The Republican responded to Durbin’s offensive comment brilliantly.

Scott is referring to the Democrats’ attempt to prove they’re inclusive by wearing kente cloths and kneeling on the floor of the Capitol’s Emancipation Hall. This was done in the wake of protests sparked by George Floyd’s death. It seems odd Durbin would attack a black senator over something that impacts him so personally, but here we are.

Sometimes the Democratic Party has a complete lack of awareness regarding the consequences of their words and actions.

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