Senator Coons Believes Biden Will Abide By The Supreme Court’s Presidential Immunity Decision

( – With the Supreme Court due to issue its ruling on immunity for former presidents any day, there’s speculation over whether President Joe Biden will accept the justices’ decision. One Democratic senator is sure he will. At the same time, the legislator used the opportunity to fit in an attack on the character of Biden’s GOP challenger.

On June 23, Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and discussed the anticipated Supreme Court decision on former president Donald Trump’s claim of presidential immunity. Trump is arguing that he has immunity that protects him from conspiracy charges related to the 2020 presidential election. If the Supreme Court agrees with him, that will torpedo a Washington, DC, election interference case against him, which is currently on hold pending the court’s decision.

President Biden, struggling badly in the polls and fresh from a disastrous debate performance, wouldn’t be happy if the court finds that Trump has immunity, and he’s already been critical of the justices recently, blasting them over their June 2023 finding that his student loan forgiveness program was unlawful. However, Senator Coons doesn’t believe Biden will object to an adverse ruling on Trump’s immunity.

Coons told Fox host Shannon Bream that there’s “a sharp contrast” between Trump and Biden’s approach to the law. He highlighted the recent conviction of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, on federal gun charges. Biden has said he accepts the court’s decision and won’t pardon Hunter or commute his sentence.

Coons claimed that was an example of Biden’s respect for the law and contrasted it with Trump’s recent New York conviction on controversial business fraud charges—a conviction many Conservatives think was politically motivated. The senator said Trump constantly attacked officials in that case, including the judge and District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Of course, saying Biden will accept the Supreme Court’s ruling is one thing, but the reality is he doesn’t have much choice.

As of this writing, the Supreme Court has made its decision, and thus far, Biden shows no signs of contradicting Senator Coons.

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