Sheetz Stores Drop Gas Prices for 4th of July Weekend

Sheetz Stores Drop Gas Prices for 4th of July Weekend

Gas Prices Ordered to DROP On This Holiday

( – Americans have been feeling the squeeze at the pumps for months as gas prices skyrocket in 2022; at their peak, some families were paying nearly $2 more than what they were spending on a gallon of regular gasoline last year. Fortunately, drivers are finally starting to see some relief and one gas station, in particular, is helping people out as they celebrate the Fourth of July.

CEO Travis Sheetz told Fox News his company, Sheetz, is cutting the price of gas at the pump through the holiday weekend in order to provide families with some financial relief as they hit the road. The convenience store chain is offering unleaded 88 gasoline for $3.99 per gallon and E85 (for flex-fuel vehicles) for $3.49 per gallon through July 5. He explained people who drive “light-duty” vehicles that were made in 2001 or later can use the unleaded 88 gas.

That is quite a discount. According to AAA, the average price for regular gas is currently $4.86 per gallon, meanwhile, E85 goes for $4.120 per gallon.

Sheetz explained that he has seen how much the price of gas is hurting people, including his own business. He said that high gas prices hurt his company because it leaves people with less disposable income to spend on other things. “It’s difficult for everyone,” he said.

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