Situation Update: Iran

Situation Update: Iran

The Iran situation has undergone many turbulent changes over the last week and it all nearly spiraled out of control within the past 48 hours. Here’s the evolution of the scenario since our last update.

Tuesday Night:

  • Missiles launched from Iranian bases targeting two US military bases in Iraq. Advanced warning systems and the spread-out distribution of US forces minimized potentially severe damage. The bases only underwent minor damage with no injuries or casualties.
  • A Ukrainian passenger plane carrying roughly 180 individuals caught fire in mid-air and crashed. No one is believed to have survived the crash. Investigations don’t seem to indicate that the plane malfunctioned on its own and didn’t crash due to Iranian missiles. Iran is withholding the black box from Boeing at this time, so the exact cause remains a mystery.
  • An earthquake with a 4.9 magnitude struck southwestern Iran near a nuclear power plant. The earthquake was a result of natural causes and nothing was substantially damaged.

Wednesday Morning:

President Trump held a press conference regarding the evolution of the Iran situation, which you can watch below.

Many were expecting a declaration of war. Instead, Trump said that Iran was standing down and asked it to cease terrorist activities in the Middle East. He also called for NATO members to take a more active role. Additionally, the president noted his anticipation of working together with Iran to continue combating ISIS.

Then, on Wednesday night, reports of more missile strikes near the US Embassy in the Green Zone in Iraq came in. So far there are no reported injuries or casualties.

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