Snapchat Limits POTUS Reach

Snapchat Limits POTUS Reach

( – In late May, Twitter added fact-check alerts to two of President Donald Trump’s tweets and even censored one of them. The president responded by issuing an executive order aimed at curbing social media companies’ immunity under US law. Apparently, one company didn’t get the message and decided to attack the commander-in-chief anyway.

On June 3, Snapchat Inc. said it won’t promote President Trump’s account on its Discover page anymore. A spokesperson for the company told The Hill it doesn’t want to “amplify voices who incite racial violence,” very clearly calling the president both racist and violent.

Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, slammed Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and said he’s suppressing votes by refusing to boost the president’s snaps.

What country are we living in where this is okay? No company should have the authority to take the president’s voice from him. And yet, here we are in 2020 and the commander-in-chief is being treated like this by a private company.

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  1. It’s true, the Left insults the Right always, and Snapchat, Twit, (not necessary to write the name), never do anything about them, but if something is said that has to do with Conservatives, Twit takes them out! EVERYONE SHOULD BOYCOTT- –

  2. Snapchat has no legal right or basis to control free speech on its devices. If it thinks it can do so by limiting the legitimate speech of the President of the United States , it should be regulated out of existence. It has no right and, therefor, never should attempt on its own to politically influence its users. Only the US Supreme Court can determine what is not free speech, not leftist corporations. This is never its job and it should be put out of business whenever it attempts to do so.

  3. I’m glad they took a stance. He does not promote unity or justice for all. He only promotes his agendas. He has done and said a lot of the pass few days to promote violence and has gone against constitutional rights. Good job Snapchat!

    • Trina, like ur idea would be Obama? Look again. Where did your man help ONE black man or woman?

    • Rather than just repeat the narrative of the far left, why don’t you give ONE example of something he has said that promoted violence? ONE example of something he has said that goes AGAINST Constitutional rights? I’ll lay odds you can’t; you are simply buying into the same rhetoric the left has laid on the table for all of you sheep.

      I don’t particularly like Trump as a person – he’s too brash for me – but he has done more for this country than any president in my memory and upheld the Constitution when it was all but lost during the Obama rein.

  4. Social Media WAS a HUGE part of Trump supporters keeping in touch with our President. We’ve known since day #1 that news outlets were lying about many things and slicing/cutting the ‘good’ bits out of quotes he had made so it would be taken in a negative manner to help the Democrats. This is all BS. We ALL have a 1st Amendment right, and that INCLUDES Trump. To add SM comments from Trump along with the negative MSM, is illegal. The 1st Amendment pertains to EVERYONE.

  5. What type of leader of this caliber uses “Snapchat” anyway? To me this has always been extremely weird. Be professional and hold yourself above others while holding this office! I feel that trump just wants to roll in the dirt with others and throw his power and threats around. A PRESIDENT should never “tweet”

  6. Antifa is a herd of savage fascists who destroy people’s’ lives & livelihoods. The Smashing of windows of storefronts & businesses in minority communities & in upscale areas were a series of krystallnaght-like destruction.
    These far left savage groups must be obliterated.

  7. All that’s going on as hate speech is being perpetrated by far left anti’Americans like George Soros to try to affect the 2020 election – not about real issues – only anti-Trump actions. I would think the Dems have a part in the background for promoting any and all anti-Trump actions.

  8. Donald Trump has done more for this country than any other politician in history. I will never understand why so many are against him.
    Maybe it’s because he’s done what others could have and didn’t.

    • When he said he’d “Drain the Swamp”, he’s talking about most of the career politicians. They have their hands in so many back door deals, lining their own and their families pockets they dont want to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.. and they know he wants to expose the corruption…

  9. I am so tired of all the political correctness

    When people love each other as Jesus commands us to do we will end up on a better road.

    Up till then lets all be Americans regardless of what continent we or our Ancestors came from

    • That’s right Jack, but you have to start somewhere and that somewhere is getting rid of Democrats in Washington DC. The Democrats make up 80% of the SWAMP, so that’s where we start.

  10. I don’t use Twitter or snapchat or Facebook, all Social media does is insight division among people and are very biased. I was on Twitter and Facebook and there was nothing but nasty messages and mean discussions. I got rid of both!!!!

    • Maggie, that would be great if everybody did that however you are part of a very small minority when you got rid of them. The only solution is for congress to make Twitter Facebook and the rest of the Liberal social media a public utility. Then they can be regulated just like the TV and Radio industries. Having said that, as long as the Democrats control just about everything in Washington DC, that will never happen.

  11. They just took him off the Discover page! I want to know how Trump got my tweet address and permission to tweet me and his son Eric! Violation of my rights. He uses the media then insults them. His tweets and communications are all negative. The constitution gives them the right and it is their company. Read the statement that you agree to when you sign up. Trump cannot do and day whatever he wants… wherever he wants!

    • liberals do ?? WHAT is the difference ?? your rights DO NOT COUNT if the President’s don’t – “HYPOCRICY” ?? You libtards would know BEST ….

  12. It’s not that that they don’t want conservative voices…but racist, violence inciting posts are unacceptable no matter who you are, or think you are

    • Cheryl, give me a quote from the President where he incites violence or has been racist. Oh and please don’t use quotes from Maxine Watters as trumps. Of course quotes from Watters or some of those Liberals Hollywood actors probably don’t count in your eyes, do they.

  13. Freedom isn’t free … What about all of the hate messages from all sides – the extreme left and right –of politics? I’m along with others are ready-made to cancel out of internet services ..

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