Snopes Founder Accused of Assault

Snopes Founder Accused of Assault
  • Allegations of plagiarism plagued Snopes in 2020. 
  • Snopes founder David Mikkelson has been accused of lying and stealing. 
  • Elyssa Young says Mikkelson, her estranged husband, sexually assaulted her. 
  • The media is ignoring the latest allegations against him.

( – Many internet users might not know the name David Mikkelson, but they probably know his company — Snopes. It’s one of the most popular fact-checking sites on the internet. Once a site that used to debunk urban legends, Snopes has exploded in popularity in the last 20 years.

Over the last few years, Mikkelson has faced a number of controversies. In 2014, he and his first wife went through an incredibly messy divorce. Then, he faced lawsuits for his alleged lying and stealing from the company. In 2020, Snopes removed dozens of articles that he admitted to plagiarizing. Now, he’s facing horrible allegations from his second wife.

Wife Number 1

Barbara and David Mikkelson founded Snopes together. The website started out as a hobby for the two of them, and after the 9/11 attacks, it turned into the go-to fact-checker. The two eventually hired employees and had millions of visitors to the site every month.

In 2014, their marriage fell apart. David was seeing a woman named Elyssa Young, who worked as an escort. Barbara filed for divorce and accused her ex of embezzling company funds to pay for vacations with his new girlfriend, the divorce, and other ridiculous expenses that had nothing to do with the company.

Barbara sold her half to Proper Media, which also sued Mikkelson for the same reasons. The suit was eventually resolved.

Wife Number 2

Fast forward a few years and David married Elyssa. That marriage is now falling apart, too. In a bombshell post on Facebook, his second wife accused him of rape.

On September 9, Elyssa posted a long, emotional post about the relationships in her life. She unleashed on her parents before going after Mikkelson. According to her, he raped her every day. She said the only time he engaged in sexual relations with her was when she was asleep and had clothes on.

Elyssa said she tried to get help. She asked Mikkelson to stop, but he didn’t. Then, she reportedly went to his therapist, but her husband convinced the doctor she was on drugs. She also told her friends and family she wanted to go to someone to report domestic violence, but lawyers convinced her that Mikkelson was a good guy.

The media has largely ignored the allegations against the Snopes’ founder. Elyssa could report him to authorities now, but it’s unclear what her plans are moving forward.

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