Social Media Giant Restricts Trump Campaign

Social Media Giant Restricts Trump Campaign

( – Twitter has targeted President Donald Trump on multiple occasions. Earlier this summer, the company fact-checked two of his tweets. Now, the company is messing with him again.

On August 5, Twitter temporarily banned the Trump Campaign from tweeting after the company says the campaign shared misinformation about COVID-19. The social media giant took issue with a clip from an interview the president had with “Fox & Friends,” where he was speaking about reopening schools.

The commander-in-chief mentioned kids are “almost immune” from the virus. The information was likely in reference to a study that found children under the age of 10 don’t transmit the virus at the same rate as adults.

Andrew Clark, the Trump Campaign’s rapid response director, slammed Twitter for its decision.

Earlier this summer, President Trump signed an executive order warning companies like Twitter if they kept it up this kind of censorship, he’d limit their liability protections. The company seems to have missed the memo; maybe it’s time for Congress to remind them.

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