Soldier Surrenders After Missiles Rain Down

Soldier Surrenders After Missiles Rain Down

( – Thousands of Russian soldiers have lost their lives in President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite the significant loss of life, the battle continues to rage between the two nations. Ukrainian authorities recently claimed a Russian soldier surrendered on the battlefield.

On May 9, a Russian soldier allegedly signaled to a drone that he wanted to give up. Yurii Fedorenko, a Ukrainian commander with the 92nd Mechanised Brigade, shared a video on his Telegram channel expressing his belief that the situation showed a “charitable act from the armed forces of Ukraine.”

The video showed the alleged Russian soldier making his way across a battlefield, past the bodies of his fallen comrades.

According to Fedorenko, a drone found a Russian soldier, and that enemy combatant “asked not to bomb him.” His team attached a note to a drone and dropped it to the soldier with instructions on surrendering. The Russian agreed to the terms, followed the drone, and was taken into custody. While the man surrendered, his fellow service members continued to fire at Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov confirmed the surrender. He issued a statement saying the “enemy” saw the drone and made “gestures to show a desire to surrender.”

The incident reportedly occurred near Bakhmut, where some of the war’s fiercest fighting is taking place. Ukraine recently launched an offensive attack in the region and made some gains. On May 15, Ukrainian Colonel General Oleksandr Syrskyi posted a message on social media celebrating the “first success of offensive actions in defense of Bakhmut,” Reuters reported. He said the victory proved his country’s forces could “destroy the enemy even in such extremely difficult conditions.”

Ukraine is expected to launch a major battle soon to take back the territory Russia has been able to take control of in recent months.

As for Russian troops, the Ukrainian government has set up a website and hotline where enemy forces can declare, “I want to live,” and surrender. How many soldiers have taken advantage of the service is unclear.

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