Sonic Employee Arrested After What Was Found in Food

Sonic Employee Arrested After What Was Found in Food

( – Sonic Drive-In’s slogan is “Service at the Speed of Sound.” It seems one employee was using something illegal to reach that speed, and it allegedly ended up in someone’s food. Now, he has been arrested.

On June 1, law enforcement in Española, New Mexico, reported a woman named Celine Gonzales purchased a hot dog from a Sonic. When she took a bite of the food, she discovered a baggie in it. She told the cops that she spit it out. Police tested the bag and confirmed it was cocaine. They didn’t say whether the victim ingested any of the drugs.

According to authorities, the drugs belonged to the restaurant employee preparing the food. They arrested Jeffrey David Salazar, 54, after they say surveillance video showed him “frantically searching for something he lost.”

Police also allege Salazar admitted the drugs belonged to him. They charged him with possession of a controlled substance.

KOB 4 spoke to restaurant patrons, and they were all disturbed by the incident. One woman said the incident “could have been pretty bad or deadly” if a child had ingested the drugs. Another person called it “crazy” and said he hoped his family was good.

Salazar isn’t the only restaurant employee to face drug charges in recent months. Last year, in June, authorities in Skiatook, Oklahoma, arrested Bryan Francis, a fast food employee, after a customer allegedly found a bag of drugs in their food order. Law enforcement tested the baggie, and it was positive for methamphetamine. They charged him with possession of a controlled substance and distributing a controlled substance within 2,000 feet of a school.

Officers believe the suspect might have been trying to give the drugs to someone else. The department told the public they should always check their food when they go out to eat, especially if they’re eating with a child.

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