Soros Makes Radical Claim About Trump

Soros Insults Trump

( – Billionaire businessman George Soros has his hands in many pots in the Democratic Party. Most notably, he has a history of huge financial donations to a number of radical left causes. Recently, he insulted President Donald Trump in the foreign press.

According to a translation by MarketWatch, Soros told Italy’s La Repubblica the president is “very dangerous” and he’ll “do anything to stay in power.” The billionaire said Trump is a “trickster” who is undermining our “democracy from within.”

That’s rich coming from a man who’s often referred to as an “enemy of the people.” Soros’ harmful donations promoting Leftist causes, and electing leaders like former President Barack Obama, who assaulted our democracy for eight years, damages our country. Georgia congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) recently pointed that out, as well.

President Trump has spent the last four years trying to help the American people. Just last week, he signed executive orders giving aid to the unemployed, students, families, and workers. Meanwhile, what does Soros do? He funds the campaign coffers of people like Joe Biden.

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