Soros Official Quits Amid Rumors He Might Join Biden’s Administration

Soros Official Resigns From Foundation After Rumors Surfaced of Biden Considering Him as Pick

( – The results of the presidential election are not official yet. The Electoral College doesn’t vote until December 14, and Congress has to certify the results on January 6. Nonetheless, Joe Biden is continuing his transition with permission from the General Services Administration. One of the people who might serve the next administration just quit his very cushy job at George Soros’ foundation.

For two weeks, Biden has been naming people he wants to serve in his potential administration. One of the men who the media is floating as a possible Labor Secretary official is Patrick Gaspard.

On December 4, Gaspard announced he was stepping down from his position as president of the Open Society Foundations.

Gaspard previously served former President Barack Obama’s administration. He also worked for the Service Employees International Union. In a statement announcing his resignation, Gaspard said he wants to re-enter politics so he can continue fighting “the struggle against oppression everywhere” and he wants to make “fundamental social change.”

Liberal billionaire George Soros has praised Gaspard as a “champion of all rights.” It’s highly unlikely that includes the rights of Conservatives, but time will tell.

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