South Carolina Could Favor Sanders

South Carolina Could Favor Sanders

( – Historically speaking, Joe Biden has received a great deal of support from South Carolina compared to his fellow Democratic presidential candidates. In December of last year, Biden polled at 29% thanks to the boost from Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) when she dropped out of the race. However, Biden’s base of support in the state could change in the near future.

Dalhi Myers, an elected state official in South Carolina, has changed her support from Biden to Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

Myers made this change because she believes Sanders has a better chance at winning if he’s pitted against President Trump. She said, “He’s unafraid and he’s unapologetic… I like the fact that he is willing to fight for a better America — for the least, the fallen, the left behind.”

South Carolina is the first state in the south for the presidential primary. Whichever candidate wins South Carolina could snowball support in the remainder of the south. The general election is a different story. Even if Sanders wins there, it’s an uphill battle to win over the rest of the historically Republican stronghold states.

Still, the fact that Democrats are beginning to agree with Sanders, even if partially, is positive news for the Sanders presidential campaign.

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