“Squad” Member Speaks at Event So Controversial a Top Sponsor Dropped It

(NewsReady.com) – Harvard University hosts the Arab Conference every year. The website for the event stated the event this year “explores how Arabs” across the world can “create a world of prosperity and dignity for all.” A Democratic congresswoman is now being criticized for speaking at the 2023 event.

Harvard hosted the Arab Conference from March 3-5 this year. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was one of the speakers at the event. The congresswoman is one of only two Muslim women who serve in Congress. She is also of Palestinian descent and regularly speaks out about Israel. Her opposition to the Israeli government has earned her criticism from Jewish organizations in the past.

This year her participation in the conference was controversial because Linda Sarsour was also asked to speak. Sarsour is described by the Free Beacon as an “anti-Semitic activist.” On Monday, March 6, McKinsey & Company issued a statement announcing it pulled out of being a sponsor for the conference when it learned Sarsour “had a history of anti-Semitic comments.” The firm also “cancelled [its] in-person recruiting meeting, and withdrew two speakers from the program.”

The American Jewish Committee thanked McKinsey & Company for its decision to pull out of the Arab Conference. The organization said they appreciate the company’s “condemnation of antisemitism in all its forms.”

Sarsour has previously claimed Israel was born out of the idea of Jewish supremacy. The Muslim woman has also supported Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. She’s also reportedly very homophobic.

Tlaib wasn’t the only public figure to attend the event. Sara Minkara, an appointee for the Biden State Department, was also a speaker. The administration didn’t say anything about the implications of its official’s presence at the event. Sarsour has also not commented on the controversy surrounding her decision to attend the conference. It’s also unclear what she said while she was there.

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