Staffers at New York Times Refuse to Comply With Return to Office Order

Staffers at New York Times Refuse to Comply With Return to Office Order

New York Times STAFFERS Go Rogue – It’s War!

( – When COVID-19 began spreading, many companies sent their employees home to work remotely. The New York Times was one of them. Now, the newspaper wants workers to come back into the office, but more than 1,000 are refusing.

On Monday, September 12, The New York Times Guild announced it delivered a letter to the newspaper’s leadership announcing 1,300 employees signed a pledge to work remotely for the week. The paper had previously ordered workers to go back to the office beginning on that day.

The union revealed its colleagues, the NYT Tech Guild and Wirecutter Union, both had members who signed the pledge. They vowed to continue to “produce high-quality, award-winning work,” but doesn’t believe the newspaper has the power to “unilaterally change [their] working conditions.” The organization contends the company must negotiate any return date as part of a larger conversation about its contracts.

The NYT Guild went on to allege the newspaper is “giving employees branded lunch boxes” instead of a “fair contract.”

According to sources, the branded lunch boxes didn’t even contain any food. An NYT spokesperson told The New York Post that the company is allowing individual departments decide when employees should return, but claimed there continues to be a hybrid schedule.

The disagreement comes amid a larger contract negotiation. The News Guild is asking for both an 8% pay raise and 5.25% cost-of-living increase. The discussions over new contracts are ongoing.

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