State’s New Bill to Halt Joe Biden’s Orders

( – President Joe Biden has only been in the Oval Office for a little over a month and he’s already signed more than 30 executive actions. The new POTUS has targeted everything from immigration to oil production with them. Now, Republicans in one state are taking action to shield their residents from the orders.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives advanced HB1236 on Thursday, February 25. The legislation will allow the state’s attorney general to review all executive orders handed down by the president to decide if they’re constitutional. If the AG determines it isn’t, then it will allow the state to sue the Biden administration. Additionally, if the top prosecutor doesn’t take action, the state legislature could hold a majority vote to ignore the order or go to court.

If Oklahoma passes the bill, it will become the first state to enact legislation that officially takes on Biden. If any of its potential lawsuits succeed, they will help the rest of the country as well by keeping the executive branch in check.

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