States Take Over Coronavirus Testing

States Take Over Coronavirus Testing

( – The federal government is enacting a controversial policy. Federally-supported COVID-19 testing sites will start closing by the end of the week. This is happening at the same time there are testing shortages across the country. However, upon further inspection, this was probably inevitable and isn’t all bad.

According to Health and Human Services (HHS) and FEMA, the testing program was intended as a stop-gap to provide testing in critical areas. It was never meant to be permanent and the project was a success. The states will now take over coronavirus testing.

However, not all areas are benefitting from the change. Places like southeastern Pennsylvania are expecting a surge of COVID-19 cases. However, they don’t have as many test kits as they’d like. States that need more resources are reaching out to hospitals for assistance.

On April 9, President Donald Trump said he has the utmost confidence in the American healthcare system.

Putting testing capabilities into the hands of the states is for the best in the long run. The federal government is providing direct aid to governors and it wants to do more. By alleviating the burden of testing and placing responsibility on individual states, President Trump can focus on the bigger picture.

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  6. With the death toll going up daily all this President can of is whether or not he’ll be re-elected.

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  8. There’s other ways to die other than the virus . When you don’t have a job no food and no money coming in yet a person starts giving up . It’s a depressing situation when you can’t do your job as a parent or husband or wife . We need to get back to work so we can start living again

    • I agree my friend but we have aloud ourselves to be put in this situation by electing lying communist democrats who care nothing about you your family or anything else other than their party and power that they are more than willing to crush this great nation with. Elections really mean something. Local and national. Never elect another Democrat even if their your brother or sister. I’m praying for us all stay strong we are going to win in the long run.

  9. The big picture of getting the national economy working again and letting those areas which are still having problems solve them

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