Steve Bannon Issues Warning About Elon Musk

Steve Bannon Issues Warning About Elon Musk

( – Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has had a lot of pull in the Republican Party over the last decade. First, as a prominent media figure who helped found Breitbart News, then as its executive chairman. He’s often credited with helping former President Donald Trump win the 2016 election and served in his administration. He still has a highly successful podcast — and he recently took aim at Elon Musk.

On April 17 and 18, Tucker Carlson aired a two-part interview with Elon Musk. Bannon wasn’t impressed. On his War Room podcast, the conservative said that anyone who watched the first part of the interview and bought Musk’s “snake oil” is “a fool.”

Bannon then repeated himself, saying those who are “fanboying for Elon Musk” is “a fool […] a fool […] a fool.” He continued, “If you trust him, you’re a fool.”

The conservative’s attack on Musk wasn’t the first time he has gone after the billionaire. At the beginning of April, during another episode of his podcast, Bannon said the Tesla founder is “a traitor” who isn’t even from the United States and is just grifting off of the country’s citizens, Mediaite reported. He went on to say Musk is in China opening factories with money from the Chinese Communist Party.

In March, Bannon said the Chinese Communist Party owned Musk. He called the Twitter owner a “total and complete phony.” According to the Independent, Musk responded to the remarks by saying he once thought the former Trump official “was smart [and] evil,” but now he realizes he “was wrong about the first part.”

Way back in 2018, Bannon also went after the billionaire. WRAL reported that at the time that the conservative called into a CNN where he called out tech executives. He called Musk a liar and a “man-chil[d].”

The latest remarks by Bannon are just more of the same.

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