Steve Bannon Warns Trump Opponents: “We Want You to Fear”

( – Former White House strategist Steve Bannon has issued a warning to Donald Trump’s opponents. Many liberals are worried about what will happen if the former president is elected again during the November elections. Bannon has a simple message for them: They should be.

With Trump polling ahead of President Joe Biden in most of the key swing states, the mainstream media is alive with worried commentators wondering out loud what a second Trump presidency would mean. In a recent episode of his “War Room” podcast, Bannon went out of his way to make sure they knew they couldn’t relax.

Bannon’s key message was that if Trump wins, he’ll continue with his main project from last time — fighting against the so-called “deep state,” the embedded network of establishment liberals that promotes the government policies it agrees with and obstructs the ones it doesn’t. At campaign rallies, Trump himself regularly pledges to fight the deep state; Bannon backed up that message.

Focusing on a recent discussion on MSNBC, where panicking anti-Trump panelists worried about whether the US government is “dictator-proof,” Bannon warned liberals that “We mock your fear, we want you to fear” and promised that a new Trump administration would impose accountability. He said everyone who “put this republic in the situation it’s in today” would be held responsible for what they’d done.

Bannon was upbeat about Trump’s chances in the election. He said “people are disgusted” at the state of the country, and Trump’s upcoming victory is “self organizing at every level.” In response, he said, liberals are focused on the “danger of the Trump movement” and using that as their main campaign point.

Proving Bannon’s point, the Biden campaign quickly seized on Bannon’s comments and sent selected quotes out on social media in an attempt to link Trump with extremist views.

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