Student Who Authored a “Kill List” Rejoins School Community Enraging Parents

Student Who Authored a
  • A Kentucky student is being allowed back on campus after making threats in 2022.
  • Kentucky parents are furious the child is being allowed on campus. 
  • The head of the local school board told parents to call lawmakers.
  • A Florida student was also charged with making a kill list in a separate incident.

( – Violence at schools has become almost common in America. Shootings, fights, and other incidents have left parents on edge. In many cases, there were signs the suspects were troubled beforehand, but oftentimes, nobody did anything about it. That was not the case in Kentucky last year, when a student created a “kill list.” But now, the child has been allowed back in the classroom.

Kill List

In 2022, police arrested a student in Boone County after he allegedly made death threats against classmates at Conner Middle School on social media. He was charged with second-degree terroristic threats, and the case has not been adjudicated in court. The Boone County Board of Education recently determined the 14-year-old is allowed to attend Conner High School, despite his previous actions. Parents are absolutely outraged — and afraid.

Parents attended a school board meeting recently to vent their frustrations about the decision. WLWT reported one parent, Deanne Corbin, said the student “is still a threat to be in an environment which fostered him to want to do a mass shooting,” no matter how much help he has received since then. She went on to say it wasn’t fair to force kids who were part of the student’s alleged “kill list” to have to attend classes with him.

Rob Bidleman, who says his son was named on the list, told the local outlet how he received a call from the principal alerting him that the suspect was being allowed to come back to school, saying, “it was emotionally devastating.”

Conner High Principal Andy Wyckoff’s child was also named on the list, but NBC News reported he is keeping his son at the school. School District Superintendent Matthew Turner told angry parents they should contact lawmakers because, right now, the state constitution requires that all students receive a public education.

Officials have promised students will be safe from any potential harm.

Sunshine State

The Kentucky student wasn’t the only person to allegedly make a kill list last year. In Florida, a Port St. Lucie teenager was arrested after teachers claimed they found a list of people she wanted to kill on her phone.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office arrested the student and charged her with eight felony counts of making written threats to kill. That’s not all; when deputies searched her home, they found drug paraphernalia, cocaine, and weapons. The child’s mother, Brooke Lynne Hinkle, was then placed under arrest and charged with child neglect and drug possession.

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