Surgeon Is Banned After What She Recorded Herself Doing

Surgeon Is Banned After What She Recorded Herself Doing

( – Social media has become a useful tool for professionals to communicate with the public. You can often find healthcare professionals on various apps giving information about diseases and other health problems. An Ohio plastic surgeon, who has live-streamed actual surgeries, is now facing consequences for allegedly botching operations.

In November 2022, Dr. Katharine Roxanne Grawe, also known as Dr. Roxy, had her license suspended by the State Medical Board of Ohio. The doctor had a large following on TikTok and other social media platforms, where she often posted about patient procedures and went live during surgeries.

The problems with Grawe dated back years. The Medical Board reportedly sent her a letter in 2018 warning her about “the need to maintain patient privacy when sharing photos or video via social media.” At the time, the doctor told the Board the issues were remedied. In 2021, regulators once again contact her in regards to problems she had with “lack of informed consent, ethical concerns related to privacy and social media, and avoidable complications” that required patients to undergo corrective surgery. She was forced to take remedial courses related to complications as well as ethics classes.

Still, after the physician completed the courses, she began to share videos of her procedures again. During some of the procedures, she even answered questions from viewers while operating. In one case, the Board accused the doctor of staring at the camera and speaking while performing liposuction. Later, the patient had to undergo surgery to fix a perforated bowel after being rushed to the emergency room.

Several patients are suing the doctor for allegedly botching their surgeries. Despite the lawsuits, the doctor is asking for her license back.

One of her former patients, Kelsey Cardenas, told ABC 6 that she received breast augmentation surgery in July 2022. The incisions from the surgery turned black and began opening. It took 25 weeks for the wounds to heal, and she had to receive help from other doctors. One of them reportedly told her she would never “look normal again without reconstructive surgery.” She has not pursued that option yet.

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