Suspects in Migrant Deaths Indicted on Federal Charges

Suspects in Migrant Deaths Indicted on Federal Charges

53 People Dead – 2 Suspects Arrested!

( – Two Texas men have been indicted over a horrific incident that left dozens of illegal immigrants dead. The suspected traffickers abandoned their human cargo in a tractor-trailer. Now, they could face the death penalty.

On July 20, a grand jury in San Antonio, Texas, indicted Homero Zamorano Jr and Christian Martinez on an array of federal charges, including conspiracy to transport illegal aliens resulting in death.

Prosecutors say that, on June 27, the two smuggled more than 60 illegal immigrants from Mexico into the US, packed into a trailer towed by a red Volvo tractor unit. They then abandoned the trailer in an undeveloped district of San Antonio, in temperatures that came close to 100 degrees. Experts say the temperature inside the trailer could have reached 150, and by the time the migrants were found, 48 were already dead; 5 more died later in hospital. Zamorano was arrested near the scene, hiding in undergrowth.

Surveillance footage provided by Laredo Sector Border Patrol shows the truck crossing the border; the driver appears to be Zamorano. Now, the two are facing life in prison, and if prosecutors decide the crime was serious enough, they could call for the death penalty, but that will be decided at a later date.

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