Suspicious PACKAGES Leave 3 Dead!

Three Dead from Dangerous Drug Dropped Off By Delivery Service

Three Dead from Dangerous Drug Dropped Off By Delivery Service

( – Fentanyl is extremely deadly and contributed to more than 70,000 overdose deaths in America in 2021. Synthetic opioids come in many forms, including powder. In New York City, three professionals died from the drug in bizarre circumstances.

According to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, Amanda Scher, Ross Mtangi, and Julia Ghahramani all lost their lives after ordering cocaine from a DoorDash-like delivery service last year on the same day. Scher, 38, was in her Greenwich Village apartment when she ordered cocaine. The social worker passed away in the apartment she shared with her dog.

Mtangi, 40, checked into a hotel after leaving his Manhattan penthouse and used the service to order the same drug. The next day, his sister and her partner found him dead at the hotel, with black baggies around his body. Lawyer Ghahramani, 26, also ordered cocaine from the service and passed away.

In all three cases, the cocaine the victims ordered was laced with fentanyl.

The person who sold the drugs to Ghahramani sent her a text that said, “Hey try not to do too much because it’s really strong.” The person tried to call her seven times, but she didn’t answer — perhaps because she was already dead.

Drug dealers are reportedly using fentanyl to cut cocaine in order to make it more addictive. That will, of course, generate more revenue for them — unless people drop dead as they did in this situation. The alleged dispatcher for the service, Billy Ortega, is awaiting trial for his role in the three deaths.

Have you ever heard of drug delivery services?

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