SUV Smashes Into Preschool, 19 Children Injured

SUV Smashes Into Preschool, 19 Children Injured

( – A whole class of preschool children was hospitalized last Friday, after a runaway SUV plowed through their building in what looks like a horrific accident. Two needed intensive care. So far, the cause of the accident is a mystery.

Around 2:30 p.m. on March 4, a Suzuki SUV apparently lost control outside the Great Adventures Christian Preschool in Anderson, CA. The vehicle slammed into the building, which is only separated from the road by the sidewalk. It then punched through a wall and ended up in the preschool’s main room, which was occupied by 19 children and 2 employees. At least one child was trapped under the vehicle.

First responders immediately declared a Mass Casualty Incident, and all 19 kids were evacuated; 14 were airlifted to the hospital for treatment, while the other 5 were taken to the hospital by their parents. Most of them were quickly approved for release, but two were taken to the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento and admitted to intensive care. One employee of the preschool was also hospitalized.

Anderson police say they’re currently investigating the cause of the crash. The driver, who gave a statement to police before being released, is believed to be a local woman. Cops say she wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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