Taliban Leader Tells Outsiders to Stop Interfering With Them

Taliban Leader Tells Outsiders to Stop Interfering With Them

Taliban Leader Makes Rare Announcement to the Public

(NewsReady.com) – The Taliban was able to take control of Afghanistan when the US prematurely pulled out all of its troops in 2021. Leaders of the Islamic extremist organization quickly rolled back all of the societal progress the country had made over the previous 20 years. The new government now wants outsiders to leave it alone.

Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada spoke to a religious gathering of more than 3,000 clerics in Afghanistan on Friday, June 1. The press was not allowed to cover the men-only event but the state-run Bakhtar News Agency was permitted to broadcast the recluse’s speech. He reportedly wanted to know why the world was involved in the country’s affairs, telling it what to do. “Why does the world interfere in our work?” he asked. Akhundzada said foreign nations need to stop giving the country orders because it’s Afghanistan’s decision what to do.

Akhundzada is notoriously reclusive. The trip to Kabul for the speech was the first time he has been to the capital since taking over the country. No pictures were taken of him at the event and video of the speech was also prohibited. The state-run media only aired audio and loud cheers were reportedly heard when the clerics became aware of his presence at the event.

The Taliban leader told the audience he thanks god Afghanistan is “now an independent country.”

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