Target of SVU Raid Takes Life

Target of SVU Raid Takes Life

( – Police officers across the country take crimes very seriously. People who are in possession of explicit videos and pictures of children can spend years or decades in prison. That’s what a Connecticut man was possibly facing, but just over a week after a botched police raid, the suspect has taken his own life.

On April 6, New Haven police broke an apartment door down and placed a woman in handcuffs. At the time of her arrest, her two children, ages 20 and 4, were at home. Officers soon realized they’d raided the wrong apartment and released the woman from custody, then went to the correct address.

The real target that day was Timothy Yergeau, who lived on the second floor of the apartment building. Members of the Special Victims Unit (SVU) were investigating the Long Wharf Theatre staffer, who had previously worked at Planned Parenthood and the New Haven Free Public Library Foundation. He stood accused of receiving and sending child pornography.

Days after the botched raid, law enforcement was called back to the building. That time, they found Yergeau’s corpse. The Middletown Press reported the Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner and his neighbor both said he died by suicide.

The Long Wharf Theatre released a statement saying it was “shocked and deeply saddened” after learning about the developments in the case. The email stated the company didn’t believe it would be appropriate to speak about the case further.

New Haven police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the botched raid. Police Chief Karl Jacobson admitted his officers made a mistake. However, he said the person who killed themselves was “definitely the suspect in a child pornography investigation.” He went on to say that the department was trying to make things right with the woman who was wrongfully detained while also holding the agency accountable.

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