Taxpayers Might Pay for Hunter’s Scandal

Taxpayers Might Pay for Hunter's Scandal

Last month, there was a report on Rep. Duncan Hunter’s (R-CA) guilty plea regarding his campaign finance scandal. He misused his campaign funds by reallocating them towards paying for his children’s school tuition and weekend excursions with a mistress. Although he’s pleaded guilty to these charges, taxpayers may still foot the bill for his misdeeds.

Hunter has spent the last 11 years in his House seat and has a military service record. Over the course of this time, he’s earned a congressional pension and other benefits from his time in the military. Even after his sentencing, Hunter will most likely receive thousands of dollars in retirement benefits.

Currently age 43, Hunter could begin receiving payments estimated at $32,538 per year when he turns 62 years old.

Adam Andrzejewski, a project manager of the government accountability organization American Transparency, commented on the likeliness of Hunter receiving his retirement funds in spite of his crimes.

“Corrupt members of Congress deserve time in prison, not taxpayer-funded federal pensions… However, the rules are so lax, no member has ever been stripped of their congressional pension.”

The situation is still developing, but Hunter’s retirement funding may still be paid by taxpayers.

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