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“I’m Your Worst Nightmare!” The Next Stage Of Racially-Motivated Uprisings Have Begun…And It’s Terrifying

(Tea Party 247) – Over the weekend, videos began to go viral of a group of heavily armed members of what appears to be an all-black militia confronting white motorists and revealing a bit of their political aims. This is no Black Lives Matter. BizPac Review reports that the incident appeared to take place on […]

Watch: Family Of Slain 8-Year-Old Destroys Black Lives Matter Activists

(Tea Party 247) – Over the weekend, several Americans were killed amid ongoing violence that is supposed to be about combating injustice and achieving racial equality. You wouldn’t know if it you paid attention to the mainstream media, of course, but several of these Americans were children. Children. Five in fact. And the family of […]

Political Activist Colin Kaepernick Condemns The Fourth Of July In This Anti-America Tweet

(Tea Party 247) – Colin Kaepernick is desperate to remain relevant. His football career went down the tubes, not because he decided to become an on-field political activist but because that same year his team, the San Francisco 49ers, that he led as quarterback went 2-14 with Kaepernick leading the team to 12 of those […]

2020 Just Won’t Quit. Kanye West Made This Shocking 4th Of July Announcement On Twitter

(Tea Party 247) – As if the coronavirus, murder hornets, and the nationwide riots weren’t enough for 2020, Kanye West has announced on Twitter that he’s going to run for President. Would somebody kindly wake me when it’s 2021? This is too much. Whether or not he is actually serious, West blew up the internet […]

CNN Gives Negative Coverage To Trump Mount Rushmore Visit…But Guess How They Treated Obama’s Visit

(Tea Party 247) – Ahead of President Donald Trump’s Friday visit to Mount Rushmore, CNN breathlessly detailed the monument as a “monument of two slave owners” on “land wrestled [sic] away from Native Americans,” joining a chorus of triggered leftists slamming the Fourth of July event. However, as Breitbart noted on Friday, in 2008, the […]

Liberals Want Abraham Lincoln Statue To Go As This Statue Stands

(Tea Party 247) – The city of Boston, Massachusetts is set to remove their statue of Abraham Lincoln, the president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation and freed the slaves. Meanwhile, a statue of racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, whose organization Planned Parenthood has contributed to the deaths of millions of unborn babies, including black babies, still […]

Here’s Why Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest Has Epstein’s Friends “Pretty Terrified” Right Now

(Tea Party 247) – This week, notorious Epstein ex-girlfriend and alleged madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, was at long last apprehended by US authorities. She has long been the missing piece in the very twisted story of one Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile financier who died of “suicide” in his cell one year ago next month, and has […]

California Bans Singing In Church. Yes, Really. This Is Tyranny…

(Tea Party 247) – As we celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s declaration of independence from the British, the state of California has now banned singing in church. Yes, really. All in the name of “public safety,” of course. Well, our nation was not founded on safety. It was founded on freedom. This includes the […]

New Study Renders Anti-Trump Hydroxychloroquine Skeptics Totally Mute

(Tea Party 247) – The anti-malaria drug that was in wide use and considered perfectly safe in the United States until President Trump began to tout its possible benefits in treating the novel coronavirus just so happens to have successfully lowered the death rate among those hospitalized with COVID-19, according to a new study. The […]

Former WH Physician On The Truth About Joe Biden’s “Cognitive Tests”

(Tea Party 247) – Earlier this week, former Vice President and current Democratic Party presumed presidential nominee, Joe Biden, declared that he was undergoing frequent tests for his cognitive abilities as if the fact that a presidential candidate needs to undergo regular cognitive testing isn’t in itself rather disconcerting. He said this, of course, in […]

Former NYC Police Commissioner Completely Destroys Vandals; Says What We’ve All Been Thinking

(Tea Party 247) – Over the last several months, we’ve witnessed individuals who have been brainwashed by the liberal narrative that systemic racism still exists in America, come out of the shadows and attempt to burn their cities to the ground, loot local businesses, and destroying monuments all while claiming to be crusaders against racism. […]

Watch: Protesters Block Highway Ahead Of Trump’s Visit To Mount Rushmore

(Tea Party 247) – On Friday, protesters could be seen blocking a highway in South Dakota ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore for a 4th of July celebration that was heavy with meaning amid divisive, anti-American protests and political sentiment across the nation. The Hill reported that demonstrators could be seen gathering […]

Gavin Newsom Orders Beaches And Restaurants Closed Over July 4th Weekend; Look What The Hypocrite Is Keeping Open

(Tea Party 247) – California Governor Gavin Newsom, a man who has demonstrated clearly that he is not a friend of liberty in any way, shape, or form, has decided to go ahead and ruin July 4th celebrations for his poor, unfortunate citizens by rolling back some of the state’s reopening due to a surge […]

Accuser Drops Bombshell About How Long FBI Knew About Allegations Against Ghislaine Maxwell; If This Is True, It’s Totally Appalling

(Tea Party 247) – Earlier this week, Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking involving minor children, and other disgusting deeds, but a new report is revealing that this arrest is actually long overdue. Like over two decades kind of long overdue. An accuser has come out and […]

Joe Biden Claims He’s Had Cognitive Tests; But Is His Campaign Hiding The Results?

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since former Vice President Joe Biden announced that he would be running for president, many folks on the right called into question his mental fitness for such a campaign. And his pages upon pages of gaffes on the campaign trail, all the up to now, have not done much to […]

New Report Reveals Massive CDC Fraud Involving The Overcounting Of Active COVID-19 Cases; Here’s What We Know So Far

(Tea Party 247) – As of right now, we’re beginning to see a lot of new cases of coronavirus conveniently popping up in states across the country, especially in states that are trying to reopen their economies and get back to normal before a massive collapse happens that sends our nation into a death spiral […]

Woke Harvard Grad Who Said She Would Stab Someone For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ Gets What She So Richly Deserves

(Tea Party 247) – Every once in a great while, someone on the left says something incredibly stupid and actually pays the price for it. It’s a rare occurrence, sort of like spotting Bigfoot in the woods, but it does actually happen, and when it does, it’s totally and utterly glorious in every conceivable way. […]

Ben Carson Drops Massive Truth Bomb About Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Streets; Liberals Are Going To Hate Him For This

(Tea Party 247) – It seems the radical left in this country has been on a steady diet of crazy the last month or so, a fact compounded by the mass hysteria that’s occurred in the wake of George Floyd’s death and the violent race riots that exploded all across the country as a result. […]

Check Out What This Seattle Resident Has To Say About City’s Do-Nothing Mayor And CHAZ/CHOP

(Tea Party 247) – Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has finally seemed to come to her senses and ordered CHOP/CHAZ to come to an end. This decision has come after a total of five people have lost their lives in the zone. Had the Mayor acted decisively and quickly when the area was initially taken over […]

Breaking: California’s Newsom, After Allowing Protests And Riots, Reverses Course On Lockdown

(Tea Party 247) – On Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he will be reversing course on previously loosened coronavirus lockdown measures after briefly taking a break to allow people to protest en masse and destroy public property. Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and Orange County were all ordered to close indoor operations […]

Yes. The CHOP Is Still In Operation. Here’s What The Democrat Mayor Is Trying To Do About It….

(Tea Party 247) – Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) has issued an executive order vacating the notorious “autonomous” protest zone in her city in the wake of ongoing gun violence, rapes, robberies, assaults, property damage in the area, and increased gang activity. This is not the first time she’s signaled that the zone has to […]

Chris Cuomo Gets Slammed By St. Louis Man Who Defended His Home From Violent Protesters

(Tea Party 247) – CNN’s Chris Cuomo, aka “Guido,” made an absolute fool of himself on Tuesday night when he invited on the St. Louis man who went viral after he and his wife defended their property from a group of Black Lives Matter activists who threatened his home and family. After giving the predictable […]

Is Harvard Going To Do Anything About This Crazed Ex-Student Who Threatened To Stab Students Who Said This

(Tea Party 247) – If someone went online and declared they would stab anyone who said “black lives matter,” they would get a visit from federal agents after their careers and lives were completely ruined forever. But threatening to say you’ll stab anyone who says “all lives matter” in a viral TikTok video will apparently […]

Here’s What The Father Of Black Teenager Killed In CHOP Thinks Should Happen To The Autonomous Zone

(Tea Party 247) – The father of a black teenager shot and killed in Seattle’s CHOP last week is calling out the lawless “no-cop” zone where his son was killed. This week, two more teenagers were shot, ages 14 and 16. The older boy died of his injuries. Calls to shut down the twisted social […]

Huge: General Flynn’s Lawyer Explains Exactly Why Her Client Was Targeted

(Tea Party 247) – It may seem like the General Michael Flynn case was all about Trump. Just part of a crooked plot to remove him from the presidency because they couldn’t stand that he beat Hillary in 2016. This is easy to believe, as obviously this was part of it. But what was it […]

Joe Biden Drops Bombshell: Do You Know If He’s Been Tested For Coronavirus?

(Tea Party 247) – They’ve been keeping Joe Biden in his basement. But have they even bothered to see if their careful treatment of him has kept him Covid-negative? Ha! Nope. During a Tuesday press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden told reporters that he has not, in fact, been tested for the novel coronavirus. “No […]

John Wayne’s Son Defends His Father As Leftists Make This Demand

(Tea Party 247) – The son of legendary Western actor John Wayne is speaking out in defense of his father as leftists are calling for the Orange County airport named in his honor based on “racist” comments he made decades ago. Newsmax reports: Leaders of Orange County’s Democratic Party are pushing to drop the film […]

What NWSL Players Do During The National Anthem Will Give You Another Reason You Didn’t Already Need To Hate Soccer

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most unpopular and made fun of sports in the United States is that of professional soccer. With such an awful reputation, you’d think the teams in these leagues would want to do anything they can to make the sport more appealing to an American audience, avoiding stuff like […]

GOP Rep Stefanik Slams Governor Cuomo For His Role In Thousands Of Nursing Home Deaths

(Tea Party 247) – While the mainstream media is determined to convince you that President Donald Trump is solely responsible for every single coronavirus death on American soil since the start of the virus, there’s no denying the very stark reality that there are some leaders who do have blood on their hands. And it’s […]

Ron Paul Says The Media Is Lying About The “Second Wave.” Here’s Why.

(Tea Party 247) – The mainstream media has been warning, as they clutch their pearls, about a second wave of the novel coronavirus. Naturally, the ongoing anti-racism protests have nothing to do with this, the way they see it. It’s amazing how quickly, and without shame, the narratives shift. Nonetheless, while seeming to believe protesting […]

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