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Pro-Trump MMA Star Destroys “Woke” Athletes In Must-Watch Post-Win Interview

(Tea Party 247) – As it often seems as though the athletic world is full of “woke,” privileged athletes with million-dollar salaries and little knowledge of the real world, it takes real courage for athletes to profess openly conservative views. However, if there is one sport where pro-Trump athletes seem to hardly give a crap […]

The Latest: Woman Arrested After Sending Poison To Trump. Here’s What We Know.

(Tea Party 247) – One of the best-kept secrets of the Trump era is just how vehemently people hate him. More than one person has been charged with either threatening or straight-up trying to kill the president of the United States. And why? Because the mainstream media–the complicit mainstream media–has been treating the sitting President […]

Biden’s Likely SCOTUS Pick Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

(Tea Party 247) – While speculation about who will fill the seat vacated on the Supreme Court by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has largely surrounded a potential Trump nominee, there still exists the possibility that Joe Biden will somehow secure a November win and get his chance at filling that seat. So, […]

As Durham Probe Heats Up, House Democrats Panic As They Call For “Emergency Investigation”

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats are in an absolute panic. After all of their schemes to bring down President Trump have utterly failed, they have found it is they who are now under the microscope. Of course, in an effort to avoid being outed for the lying, conniving criminals that they are, they’ve called […]

Tulsi Gabbard Takes A Stand For Democracy With New Bill That Fellow Democrats Are Sure To Hate

(Tea Party 247) – Not all Democrats are deranged. House Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has proven to be a rare reasonable and level-headed leftist. She is also exactly the kind of woman you would have thought the “pro-woman,” “pro-minority,” Dems would have loved in the White House but it turns out the left is all […]

Jane Fonda Has Meltdown Over RBG Death, Says Leftists “Have To Rise Up” And Stop McConnell, GOP

(Tea Party 247) – Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, leaving behind a legacy of activism and almost three decades on the United States Supreme Court. She also left behind a vacant seat on you can bet things are going to get real ugly, real fast. Liberals, stuck in their echo-chambers, are already panicking and fear-mongering […]

Twitter Blue Check Marks Make These Chilling Threats Following Death Of RBG

(Tea Party 247) – On Friday, news broke that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died after a long battle with cancer. Hardly anyone even had a chance to offer the usual prescribed somber wishes of condolences to her family before hysterically angry leftists began vowing violence and even war should President Donald Trump […]

Joe Biden Has Been In Politics So Long, He Once Got Mocked By Johnny Carson…And For This!

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden has been in politics for a really, really long time. 47 years. Let that sink in! That’s nearly half a century in politics…but he thinks that this time around, somehow he’ll change things? Yeah, right. He’s a corrupt and crooked career politician and there’s no point in kidding ourselves. […]

Wow: CNN Makes Insane Claim About Trump Rallies vs BLM Protests…Are They Kidding?

(Tea Party 247) – It is clear that leftists are completely hypocritical about preventing the coronavirus when it comes to Trump rallies vs. Black Lives Matter protests, but it’s far more insane that they actually try to justify the glaring double-standard. And not just random Twitter social justice warriors. CNN! No kidding. In response to […]

Biden Tells His Biggest Lie Yet About Trump And COVID…Did He Seriously Just Say This?

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden just said that literally no one would have died of coronavirus if it weren’t for Trump. No, seriously. And they think it’s a conspiracy that we question his cognitive state? This dude is whacko. He made this outrageous claim during a CNN town hall on Thursday night, where the […]

New Piece Claims That If Polls Are As Wrong As They Were Four Years Ago, Trump’s In For A Yuge Victory

(Tea Party 247) – Do you remember what the polling situation looked like at this point in the 2016 presidential election? The vast majority of the polls that were conducted had Hillary Clinton defeating Donald Trump by a very large margin. In fact, the New York Times actually gave her a 90 percent chance of […]

LOL: Joe Scarborough Desperately Tries To Claim Joe Is Totally Fine. Yeah, Right.

(Tea Party 247) – “Republican” Joe Scarborough is desperately insisting that Joe Biden is totally fine and not, in fact, declining into severe dementia, as we all clearly know he is. Biden can barely string to sentences together or keep track of where he is, where he’s going, who the president is or heck, who’s […]

Caught-Red Handed: Leaked Emails From Nashville Mayor’s Office Shows This Troubling COVID Cover-Up

(Tea Party 247) – We’ve all been forced to surrender certain aspects of freedom here in America in the name of tyranny veiled as public health safety since the coronavirus hit our shores in February. All is not, however, what it seems and just in case you forgot just how hard the left is working […]

After Going On Tirade, Guess Who Just Got Themselves Suspended From Twitter

(Tea Party 247) – If you’re still thinking that money can buy happiness, just look at all of the Hollywood celebrities who seem to have sacrificed their sanity for a piece of the pie. Rapper and fashion mogul turned evangelist and presidential candidate, Kanye West, has been suspended from Twitter for posting the phone number […]

Australians Chant “Freedom!” As This Shocking Scene Unfolds At Melbourne Farmers Market

(Tea Party 247) – If you think lockdowns are bad in the US, just be thankful you don’t live in Australia. Despite Democrats absolutely destroying our economy and the livelihoods of millions of Americans, it actually could be worse. Australia is home to some of the most tyrannical, Draconian lockdown rules and measures of anywhere […]

After Causing The Deaths Of Thousands Of People In Nursing Homes, Here’s What Cuomo’s Doing With COVID-19 Restrictions In These Facilities

(Tea Party 247) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo seems to be the kind of person who just simply refuses to learn from his own mistakes. Maybe part of that stems from the fact that he doesn’t actually take personal responsibility for his own screw-ups and seeks to shift the blame to someone, anyone, other than himself. […]

NY Police Are Seeking Suspect In Horrific Death Of 11-Year-Old Boy Known For Tireless Work Ethic In Drive-By Shooting

(Tea Party 247) – There’s nothing more horrific on this earth than when an innocent young child is taken away by an act of wicked violence, which is precisely what happened to an 11-year-old boy in Troy, New York after he was killed during a drive-by shooting. Ayshawn Davis, a young man who had developed […]

Chinese Virologist Makes Shocking Claim About Whether Or Not China Released Coronavirus ‘Intentionally’

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since the coronavirus pandemic leaked out from Wuhan, China, there has been plenty of speculation about the origin of the virus and whether or not the Chinese Communist Party might have created this thing in a lab and released it upon the world intentionally. Much of these theories have been […]

New York School Under Fire For Cartoon Making This Sick Comparison Between Cops And The KKK

(Tea Party 247) – Parents are infuriated over a Westchester County high school teacher who kicked off the school year with a handout comparing police officers to slave traders and the KKK. Back to school, 2020 style. Christopher Moreno, a teacher at Westlake High School, passed out the offensive cartoon to his 11th graders on […]

Trump Banned Critical Race Theory In Federal Agencies. The CDC Is Ignoring Him.

(Tea Party 247) – While Trump received praise from the right for banning training sessions in federal agencies based on radical critical race theory, it appears that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is already defying his executive order. BOMBSHELL: The @CDCgov is moving forward with a critical race theory training program—in violation of […]

George Orwell Is Rolling Over In His Grave Over What UK Policing Minister Just Suggested For COVID

(Tea Party 247) – The British Policing Minister is facing serious backlash after suggesting that people should be spying on their friends and neighbors to see how well they’re adhering to Covid regulations. Minister Kit Malthouse is being quite rightly compared to the East German Stasi after encouraging people to turn in their neighbors if […]

Sick: See How This “Eyewitness To Ambush” That Targeted Two LA Police Officers Reacted

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats absolutely own this. They have done so very little to properly condemn the violence that has erupted across our nation’s cities since the death of George Floyd in police custody, while the GOP was quite clear that they condemned Floyd’s unjust slaying. Trump has been completely consistent on the […]

You Won’t Believe What This WA Arson Suspect Posted On Facebook Before Her Arrest

(Tea Party 247) – You won’t hear about it in the mainstream media, but there have been a spate of arson arrests made all up and down the West Coast, which is currently blazing with over 90 wildfires, many of them life-threatening. More than one of those arrested for arson has a history of attending […]

Trump Slams “Stupid” Corporations Funding Radical Leftists, Said They Should Fund This Instead

(Tea Party 247) – On Sunday, President Donald Trump slammed “stupid” corporations who have happily put their brands behind the radical far-left organization in the midst of the George Floyd riots. It is pretty amazing how many leftists claim that no one wants to listen to their message of “anti-racism,” as massive, billion-dollar, multinational companies […]

Tucker Carlson Lays Out Biden, Obama, And Pelosi In This Epic Monolouge On West Coast Wildfires

(Tea Party 247) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson shredded Democrats for trying to use the massive wildfires happening on the west coast to attack President Donald Trump and further their climate change agenda. We can always count on the Dems to use any kind of crisis to their advantage and these tragic wildfires are […]

IMDB Parental Warning Says This About Netflix Movie “Cuties” Yet Leftists Continue To Defend It

(Tea Party 247) – By now, if you haven’t heard about the new Netflix movie “Cuties” that is making serious waves for featuring blatant images of pedophilia, you might be living under a rock. In case the underside of a rock is your domicile, here’s a quick recap. The French film, being touted as a […]

COVID-19: Authorities In Quebec City Now Say This Is How They’ll Handle “Uncooperative” Citizens

(Tea Party 247) – The coronavirus is real. Nobody is disputing that. Nobody is saying that it hasn’t killed people but what we are saying is that over 90% of the recorded deaths in the US, for example, were people who had other underlying health conditions. Yes, the coronavirus exacerbated these other health conditions leading […]

Top Democrat Staffer Arrested Rioting In Portland, You Won’t Believe Who Their Boss Is

(Tea Party 247) – The staffer to one of Oregon’s top Democrats has been arrested rioting in Portland. This is today’s radical Democrat party, ladies and gentlemen. Kristina Narayan was arrested with dozens of others on September 5 and was charged with interfering with a Peace Officer, which is a misdemeanor. Her boss? The Oregon […]

Netflix “Cuties” Sexually Exploits Young Girls. Does It Also Endorse Communism?

(Tea Party 247) – Outrage has been mounting over the sick and disgusting Netflix film “Cuties,” which depicts extended scenes of young girls gyrating and dancing suggestively, imitating gratuitous sex acts, and generally being exploited by the perverted filmmakers. The actresses in the film, whose creators laughably say is meant to expose child sexual exploitation, […]

Why The Miami Dolphins Plan On Skipping The Anthem Completely May Surprise You

(Tea Party 247) – While NFL teams gear up for a series of spectacular displays of progressive virtue signaling, the Miami Dolphins are planning what could be described as a rather different approach. The team has announced they’re planning to simply stay in the locker room during the national anthem as well as the “black […]

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