Teacher Blackmailed Kids for Explicit Photos and Video

Teacher Blackmailed Kids for Explicit Photos and Video

Former Teacher Gets Harsh Punishment for Blackmailing Kids

(NewsReady.com) – Educators are supposed to be among the adults that children can trust implicitly. Unfortunately, incidents in recent years have proven that’s not always the case. A former teacher in Kansas City, Missouri, is an example of that, and now he’s headed to prison.

On August 2, US District Judge M. Douglas Harpool sentenced 33-year-old Brandon Lane McCullough to 30 years in prison without parole for a sextortion scheme. He will spend the remainder of his life on supervised release when his incarceration is finished.

The former teacher was first arrested in 2020 by federal law enforcement officers. At the time, the DOJ accused him of threatening to send explicit images of one of his victims to her family. Law enforcement later identified at least 10 other children McCullough extorted. One of the kids was so distraught that she threatened to kill herself. In 2021, the suspect pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation and coercion charges.

In a statement after the verdict, US Attorney Teresa Moore accused the defendant of using the internet to “prey upon young victims across the country.” She said he victimized nearly a dozen kids who were identified and many others whose names are unknown. Further, she concluded that his “appalling criminal behavior warrant[ed] the severe penalty he received” on Tuesday.

The case is a reminder to parents to always keep track of what their children are doing online.

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