Teacher Fired for Refusing To Keep Secrets From Parents About Their Children

Teacher Fired for Refusing To Keep Secrets From Parents About Their Children

(NewsReady.com) – Teachers have long been among the groups of people that children go to when they have problems. Little kids are taught from a young age that their educators are trustworthy. Teachers, in turn, have an obligation to inform parents when something serious is going on with their children. When a school district in California ordered its teachers to keep information from parents, one teacher refused, and now she is out of a job.

Jessica Tapia, who used to teach in the Jurupa Unified School District, spoke to Fox News Digital about her recent firing. According to her, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Daniel Brooks sent a notice to teachers telling them the district wasn’t able to “accommodate [their] religious beliefs” that would stop them from “maintaining a student’s gender identity and refraining from disclosing” that identity to parents and guardians.

The teacher said she was unable to follow the district’s directive. As a physical education teacher, she also bucked the district’s instructions and refused to allow transgender female students to use the girls’ locker room. Tapia, a Christian, said she thinks teenagers do not have a right to privacy from their parents.

Tapia went on to say that she can’t affirm a student’s gender identity because she firmly believes the Creator made man and woman, not transgender people. That, she said, are “lies and confusion from the devil.”

The teacher told The Daily Caller that several children found her beliefs on social media and sent in a complaint. The district put her on leave, then she received a letter informing her that her employment would be terminated, effective at the end of the day on January 31, 2023.

The school district released a statement to Fox News, denying Tapia’s allegations. It claims it takes its obligation to respect and accommodate the religious beliefs of its employees very seriously.

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