Ted Cruz Erupts Over Biden Keeping Children in Cages

  • In 2018, Democrats went to the border and screamed about Trump’s policies.
  • The Left spent years accusing Trump of keeping kids in cages.
  • Biden is keeping children in cages along the border and Dems are silent. 
  • Ted Cruz is calling out leftist hypocrisy.

(NewsReady.com) – In 2018, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made headlines when she stood at the border and accused then-President Donald Trump of keeping migrant children in cages. She said the living conditions at immigration facilities were terrible and she literally sobbed during a press conference. Ten months into a Democratic administration with a disastrous immigration policy makes it clear the Left doesn’t have the same energy for President Joe Biden that they had for Trump.

Fortunately, one Republican lawmaker has no problem calling out the Left’s hypocrisy.

Texas-Sized Anger

On Tuesday, November 16, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) wanted to know about the conditions for unaccompanied minors at the border. There have been reports that children are living in “cages,” or giant, overcrowded pens surrounded by fencing to keep the kids in.

Cruz asked the secretary how many kids Homeland Security has kept in the “Biden cages” in 2021. Mayorkas told the senator he doesn’t believe they are cages and disagrees with the use of the word.

The senator said, “Fine, you can disagree with it.” He then repeated his question and asked how many kids were kept in the Biden cages over the last year. Cruz told the secretary he has “been to the Biden cages” and “seen the Biden cages,” asking again how many kids were left in those conditions.

“I, respectfully, am not familiar with the term ‘cages’ and to what you are referring,” Mayorkas claimed.

Senator Cruz had enough. He said they were the enclosures that Homeland Security refused to allow the press into. The secretary didn’t answer the question, saying he would “circle back” to give the lawmaker a number later. Undeterred, the senator held up a photo of kids sleeping on small cots with a colorful plastic wall around them. He asked again how many kids, but the Biden official wouldn’t answer.

Not the First Time

Cruz has discussed the kids in cages in the past. In September, he called out Ocasio-Cortez, telling her that she should go down to the border and cry in front of Biden’s cages. The congresswoman has not done that. In fact, the Left has largely ignored the crisis on the border. Apparently, kids in cages are only a problem when someone from the opposite side of the aisle is in office.

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