Tempers Flare in Stormy Impeachment Hearing

Tempers Flare In Stormy Impeachment Hearing

In a session marked by blunt language and fierce disagreements over procedures, the impeachment inquiry presented its findings to the House Judiciary Committee on Monday. Democrats insist that President Trump has abused the power of his office for personal gain and claim there’s clear evidence that military aid to Ukraine was linked to an investigation of Joe Biden’s son and his business dealings.

Republicans argue that the evidence isn’t clear and that the whole impeachment process is politically driven to unseat an elected president. Representative Doug Collins (R-GA), the ranking Republican on the committee, accused Democrats of turning the committee into a “rubber stamp” for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff.

Following a series of disputes over procedures and the actions of committee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) the hearings ended inconclusively; while President Trump is certainly going to face formal impeachment proceedings, it’s still unclear what he’s being impeached for. Senior Democrats planned to meet Monday night to discuss the details.

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