Terrorist Organization Captures “Killer Dolphin”

Terrorist Organization Captures

(NewsReady.com) – Israel and Palestine are still embroiled in a conflict with one another, even though it’s not raging at the moment. There’s a terrorist organization on the Palestinian side that would like nothing more than to wipe the Israelis off of the map. Recently, the group claimed it found an unusual spy tool.

According to the Daily Mail, Hamas posted a video online claiming it captured a dolphin equipped with weapons capable of killing its fighters in Gaza. The group’s spokesperson, Abu Hamza, said its naval unit was chased by the killer dolphin, but managed to evade and capture the animal. A weapon that looked like a spear gun was shown in the video.

Although the idea of turning Flipper into a killer sea mammal might seem like an outlandish idea, it wouldn’t be the first time dolphins were used by a military. PBS reports the US Navy began a marine mammal program in 1960. Sea lions, beluga whales, and dolphins were all trained to deliver equipment, retrieve lost objects, spy and guard Naval vessels. In the 1980s, America had more than 100 dolphins trained, and it spent $8 million on the program each year.

Hamas isn’t known for being the most honest of groups though. Its fighters regularly shot rockets into Israel and have been known to hide among women and children, willing to sacrifice innocent lives for their terrorist activities.

Israel has not responded to the allegations.

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