Texans Cling to Property Near Border

Texans Cling to Property Near Border

President Trump’s attempts to build his border wall haven’t gone according to plan since he took office three years ago. While his administration has made significant progress in replacing older structures, that alone has been the bulk of the progress made. Out of the 85 miles of fencing construction performed, only a small amount is new.

Unfortunately, the majority of Trump’s new wall is slated to be built on privately-owned land. Much of his battle is centered around obtaining land along the Texas-Mexico border. Various entities own land across the border, including citizens, churches and organizations like the National Butterfly Center.

Striking deals has become a difficult process for the Trump administration. In response, Trump is now redoubling his efforts by having attorneys file petitions to property owners with cash offers. The first offer is for $93,449 to obtain 13 acres of land.

Landowners along the border are a mixed bag. In some cases, the land has been owned by the same family for multiple generations. Some are willing to work with federal authorities, while many others are adamant in their stance to keep their property and to refuse to sign petition letters.

The words of Yvette Arroyo reflect a common sentiment among landowners along the border: “I stopped answering the door.”

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