Texas Governor Suing Biden Administration

Texas Governor Suing Biden Administration

(NewsReady.com) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) administration has been at the forefront of the fight against President Joe Biden’s unreasonable policies. The Lone Star State has filed multiple lawsuits to that end. Now, the governor is pushing back once again.

On Tuesday, January 4, Abbott announced his plans to sue Biden over the vaccine mandate for the Texas National Guard. The governor sent a letter to Major General Tracy Norris, the adjutant general of the Texas Military Department, stating he doesn’t want any guardsmen punished “for choosing not to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.” He went on to say that unless the president issues an order to federalize the state’s National Guard, the governor remains the leader and he won’t “tolerate efforts to compel receipt” of the vaccine.

Under federal law, state governors are in charge of their National Guard unless the president of the US uses Title 10 to call them up to serve the country. Abbott said he intends to bring Biden to court to prevent the federal government from forcing guardsmen to get the jab.

Although Abbott is right that he’s in charge, his case might be difficult to win. The Supreme Court has refused to stop vaccine mandates thus far. And recently, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) lost a similar suit to stop the mandate for his National Guard. Time will tell if the Texas governor has better luck in the courts.

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